Run Flat Part Worn Tyres Chester

It’s your worst bad dream: you’re on your way to your son’s big soccer match, your little girl’s graduation or that important business conference your job relies on, and catastrophe occurs – a flat tyre on the motorway. Thanks to run flat technology, this fear will be a thing of the past. Run flat tyres make it easier to drive a car for a limited distance and reduced speed following a puncture or other circumstance has resulted in either a drop in tyre air pressure or a total reduction in inflation pressure. Under no circumstances mix run flat tyres with conventional tyres unless in an emergency situation on a limited, short-term basis. The traditional tyre should then be replaced with a run flat technology as soon as possible. It is not a good idea to mix completely different run flat products.

Self Supporting Run Flat Tyres

Self supporting tyres are specially engineered to keep working for a short time even after they suffer a puncture. So if you get a puncture on a cold, dark night, there’s no need for an unpleasant roadside tyre replace – you will be able to safely travel to your closest garage to get your tyre replaced. Run flat tyres also minimize the risks of a potentially dangerous tyre blow out due to their unique design. Run Flat Part Worn Tyres are manufactured with strengthened sidewalls. Typically, a vehicle is supported by the air in your tyres, and once you have a hole, they collapse. Self supporting tyres have hard rubber inserts which temporarily support the weight of your car even after a puncture. When a run flat tyre experiences a puncture, you can’t continue driving on it forever – normally you will be able to drive a car at c. 30 mph for another 50 miles – enough time to get to your closest garage.

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