4×4 Part Worn Tyres Chester

Tyres are typically the first thing to get changed on a 4 wheel drive. That’s because tyres can totally change the general performance of your 4 x 4 car, and the visual appearance too. Larger sized 4×4 Part Worn Tyres give your vehicle more ground clearance for much better four-wheeling, and the tread and design of the tyre can create a night-and-day improvement in driving through soft sand, motoring through sloppy mud and traction on wet pavement. All Terrain tyre can now be used on the road daily, and offer satisfactory levels of traction and drive comfort. Many customers decide to use this type of tyre on the road; due to its tougher tread compound, which delivers maximum longevity.

Selecting 4×4 Part Worn Tyres for your 4×4 SUV

Selecting tyres for your 4×4 SUV is one of the most essential things you’ll do to ensure you safety on the road. All-terrain tyres offer you a great balance between drivability on the highway and traction off roads. They are perfect for use in dry, powdery snow, also realistically good on ice and in mud, but perform rather bad in wet snow. They include a wide selection of tread types, and are a excellent compromise for general-purpose use. These work well on street and deliver moderate performance off-road as well. The tread is usually an interlocking design with more voids than a street tread. All-terrain tyres usually feature siping, or very tiny lines cut into each tread block, for better grip on sleek roads and ice. This type of 4×4 tyre delivers excellent tread life, a noiseless drive and extremely good on-road handling. These are a great pick for a car that you use mainly on road, but want a bit more flexibility for occasional use off-road.

The new variety of high performance SUV’s such as the BMW X5, Mercedes ML and Porsche Cayenne are equipped with High Performance Part Worn Tyres. The tyres designed for a majority of these cars are very comparable to high performance car tyres, some have directional tread patterns and very smooth tread compound. They offer levels of grip and road holding that you’d normally associate with a performance vehicles. Still, these tyres are designed for Ninety-five% road use, and will not offer much grip if you decide to leave the road. The All Terrain tyre has now been around for a long time, and is still the excellent choice for the 4×4 owner who chooses to use their car on and off the road. The classic 50/50 tyre is an recommended fitment on some new cars, but is generally ordered by the 4×4 owner who uses their car on a daily basis, covering substantial mileage both on and off the road.

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